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Holy Cannoli, Batman, it’s almost Election Night 2016!

We know we’re not the only Americans sleepless from the stress and anxiety of this entire presidential campaign—and just want it to be over. Also, we never want to hear the words Trump, emails, tremendous, crooked, #MAGA, lesser of two evils, grab ’em by the… ever again!

As Americans in Paris, we’re at a time-difference disadvantage. With polls starting to close at 7pm ET (1am in Paris), the earliest results can be predicted is around 11pm ET (5am Paris time!) Still, how are we supposed to sleep when the fate of the entire planet seems to be resting on this election?

Nuit blanche, it is!

These are some of the main events happening around town Tuesday night. Expect places to be crowded, but that’s why you’re going—to rub shoulders with your countrymen and women on this historic night. Keep an eye out on your favorite American bars, too. Even if they haven’t publicized it, they’ll probably be turning on their TVs for Election Night 2016.

Wherever you celebrate (or mourn), we hope you voted because this is what freedom is about. Here’s to the 45th POTUS! We love you, HRC! Hell yeah, we’re #withher.

Harry’s Bar
5, rue Daunou, 75002
For nearly 100 years, the oldest bar in Europe has been holding a “straw vote” for POTUS. American expats and tourists can cast their vote and results from this poll will be announced at the bar around 10:30pm Tuesday night. The straw poll’s been wrong only twice: In 1976 with Jimmy Carter and 2004 with George W. Bush. Who’s currently leading the straw poll? HRC!

Nuit Américaine @ Carreau du Temple, 7pm to 7 am
Bar and Auditorium du Carreau du Temple
2, rue Perrée, 75003
The night starts at the Mairie du 3ème at 7pm then moves over to the Bar at Carreau du Temple at 9pm. There’s food, music, talks, film plus all the live happenings of the election—and breakfast for those who managed to stay up and out! Nearly 2,000 people have RSVP’ed so get there early (or late).

Bad Hombres and Nasty Women: Election Night @ Glass, 7pm to 4am
7, Rue Frochot, 75009
This is where you’ll probably find us because it’s in our hood and we love everything by Quixotic Projects. Cocktails, hot dogs, beer and American whiskey plus a big screen TV with the election results.

American Election Night Celebration @ The Highlander, 7:30pm
8, rue de Nevers, 75006
This meetup of Franco-Americans in Paris will include a mock election along with live-streaming coverage of the election results.

Election Night Communion @ The American Church, 7:30pm
65, quai d’Orsay, 75007
For those seeking spiritual solace after this bruising political season, the American Church is holding a special service of song, prayer and communion.

Election Night at Radio France (La Nuit Américaine), 6pm to 8am
116 avenue du président Kennedy, 75016
One of the major election night in Paris events, with CNN International covering it until midnight, along with debates, music, food and film. However, if you didn’t get tix already, you’re out of luck.

Up All Night Election Party, 11pm to 6am
Palais Maillot
Le Palais des Congres de Paris
2, Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017
This is for everyone who wants to dance while they’re waiting for election results. Tickets are €10-15 and an RSVP is required. In 2012, five hundred people showed up for this party.

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