Outings Project: The Street Life Of Classic Art

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On an unassuming wall on rue Saint-Honoré, Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière casually regards passersby with a gainly and youthful confidence. She towers above as you walk past and immediately draws your eye. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen classical art anachronistically appear on a Paris sidewalk, but something about Caroline made me want to know how she got there. Who had taken her out of the strict confines of a museum?

French artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca was in the Louvre when this 1806 Ingres painting of Caroline Rivière captured him. He felt she was being ignored and wanted to give her a new life. Impulsively, he took a photo of the painting with his phone. Later, he printed the image and glued it to a wall in the 18th arrondissement before placing a larger scale version on rue Saint-Honoré. Inspired by his work, others have followed suit and Outings Project was born. It’s a call to action for people everywhere to breathe new life into forgotten art.

Museums worldwide invite Julien to show his work as well as encourage others to participate in Outings Project. Julien is currently showing in Geneva with upcoming events in the U.S.A, Albania, Mexico, France and Belgium.

Here are a few of our favorite Outings Project contributions from around the world. What would you want to see on a street near you? Get snapping!


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