5 Healthy 2-Ingredient Breakfast Recipes


In what world is this a proper breakfast? Oh, right, France

I’m going to be honest. It is February and I’m throwing in the towel (admittedly early) when it comes to making breakfast for my kids. I am tired. It’s not enough I have to think about dinner every night and lunch and snacks all weekend? Breakfast has to be deemed the most important meal of the day?

I’m not a Pinterest mom. I don’t make adorable bento boxes with panda-shaped rice balls. Using two pans for dinner means I’m gettin’ fancy. And rolling out of bed to go directly to kitchen duty is possibly my least-favorite part of adulting. This Do Not Pass The Shower, Do Not Make A Mushroom Coffee, Go Directly To Mom Duty suuuucks.

So I’ve simplified with 2-ingredient (healthy) breakfast recipes. And no, not a baguette with hot chocolate like the French do it. Are they serious? I’m convinced French people are so grumpy in the mornings because of the sugary carbs they’re eating.

These recipes are favorites in our house. Well, it’s that or no breakfast so my family knows what’s good.

Avocado Toast: Mash or slice an avocado, put it on toast, season how you like. Chez nous, it’s lemon, salt, pepper and sesame seeds. To make it more filling, put an egg on it.

Banana pancakes: Bananas and eggs and that’s it. It’s Paleo (and arguably Whole30, at least ingredient-wise). I use more banana than egg because they’re more solid that way, but see what you prefer.

Oatmeal cookies: My kids love the idea of “cookies” for breakfast. I’ll also throw in goji berries, coconut flakes or raisins to up the nutrition and because it’s hardly more work than mashing the bananas and oats together. Plus, they’re portable, so perfect when you’re running late.

Yogurt Parfait: Ok, I make this with 3 ingredients, Greek yogurt, fruit (fresh or frozen) and oats. I layer them in a pretty glass and the kids feel like they’re eating something special. If I’m feeling perky, I add chia seeds and goji berries on top.

Quesadillas: We usually have a pack of tortillas in the pantry (the just-edible Old El Paso or a bio brand I can sometimes find in Naturalia). Throw some grated cheese between two tortillas and heat until the cheese is melted. For a quick no-more-fucks-left-to-give dinner, I serve it with some guacamole.

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    • That’s definitely an herb butter. It’s a picture I got from elsewhere! But click on the link for more ideas. I don’t put butter because the avocado is so creamy anyway.

      • Ah okay, I thought that was your own photo 🙂 The piece of toast at the back almost seems like it has mashed banana on top. Maybe it is because otherwise that would be a lot of herb butter on one piece of toast, ha! Thanks for pointing out the links, I didn’t realize. I always enjoy your writing and humor!!

        • Thanks, Margaret! Oh yeah, anything that’s in red is a clickable link. (Hmm… maybe I should make that more obvious!)

      • Angana Nanavaty on

        The girls love those banana fritters. I add cinnamon while cooking. Also buckwheat crepes are so easy for dinner. I smear with homemade premade pesto, mushrooms, cheese and olives. Leftover chicken and broccoli are great fillings too.

  1. i liked this article.
    one thing i ve recently learned: the microwave is a godsend for breakfast when you need to be cognizant before lunch (for me, this is not all the time.) oatmeal can be nuked: oats in a bowl, water or milk or some other kinda liquid, 3 or four minutes, add something like butter or more milk or frozen berries or not, stir.
    eggs can be nuked too provided you break the yolks and mix them around fairly well- otherwise, they behave super strangely and take on a life of their own and sometimes venture outside their recipient. i learned that the hard way. stirring is our friend.

  2. Bahaha….So funny, I’m laughing because this is ME!!! I relate to it all. Every last thing. Thank you 🙂

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