What is LES LOLOS?

Ask a French person what LES LOLOS means and they’ll look at you sideways. Because "les lolos" means boobs. But dig deeper and you’ll find out that “lolo” also means milk or a treat for babies. That kind of push and pull—between irreverent and sweet—is who we are as women, expats, mothers and entrepreneurs.

LES LOLOS explores the narrative of international women whose lives embrace multiple identities and cultures.

We wake up a wifemake breakfast as a mother, go to meetings as a CEO, have cocktails with a lover. We speak English and French and a few other languages, too. We know what’s good to eat and drink and where to shop and play in Paris (New York, Shanghai and Seoul). Most of all, we support women who are navigating new territories, whether it’s a first-time visit to France or the ever-changing landscape of womanhood.

Our mission is to create, curate and connect.

What does LES LOLOS mean? For us, it’s always Women First.


Maggie Kim-Buñuel
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Maggie is a writer and former rock musician. Her writing has appeared in GlamourPeople, Marie Claire, In Touch, In Style, Salon, Bon, H&M, NY Post, Sabor and Cosmopolitan, where she penned a column about her love life à la Carrie Bradshaw. As a musician, she toured the United States and Asia, had videos on MTV and produced music for film, TV and commercials.

The challenges and pleasures of living in Paris as a new wife and mother were the inspiration behind LES LOLOS. “Well-curated information is everything,” says Maggie. “Paris would have been so much more comprehensible and enjoyable had the site existed when I first arrived eight years ago.”

With LES LOLOS, Maggie is able to realize her passion for connecting with other women and mothers and sharing the all-encompassing experience of womanhood in the twenty-first century.

Maggie lives with her husband, two kids and two cats. In her limited spare time, she works on her novel, reads, bakes, watches TV shows about superheroes, and changes her hair color.



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