Bohemian Raspberry @ Les Bains


Londoners have the all-in-one nightlife formula down with their private member clubs. Drinks, dinner, drinks, dancing, drinks, followed by a sleepover in a luxe room if home seems too far away after all the revelry. With the reopening of the historic nightclub Les Bains—this time as cocktail bar, underground club and 5-star hotel—Parisians can get their dusk-til-dawn party on.

Start the evening with talented barman Nicolas as he makes you a Bohemian Raspberry beneath a blood-red convex dome. Then get down to the dance floor which has (surprise!) an underground pool in case things get steamy—exactly what we want during LoveSexy month!

LES LOLOS x Les Bains, especially as they’re sharing their cocktail recipe with us. It’s made with a hot new French gin, Le Gin de Christian Drouin, which is flavored with apples, ginger, cardamom, roses and almonds. But definitely take a trip to the new Les Bains for the sexy vibe and the truffle roasted cashews.

Bohemian Raspberry @ Les Bains

Serving Size: One Cocktail

Bohemian Raspberry @ Les Bains


  • 4 crushed raspberries
  • 2cl lemon juice
  • 2cl simple syrup
  • 5cl Gin de Christian Drouin
  • 2cl egg white


  1. Put all ingredients in shaker and shake
  2. Strain into a cocktail glass


Les Bains

7, rue du Bourg-l'Abbé, 75003

LES LOLOS Tip: It’s BYOB(athing suit) at the pool, so wear your sexiest skivvies or go Lady Godiva for a sure-to-be-appreciative audience. Towels are provided.

Photo by Maggie Kim


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