#MyCarnet: Veggie Magnifique’s Top 10 Healthy Paris Hotspots


When I met my future French husband, I was a vegan coming off a 6-month raw foods stint. One of the first things he said to me was, “You’re not going to be able to eat like this in France.” Though I made a valiant effort, doing rounds of the few veggie places in Paris, he was right. Vegan turned to vegetarian turned to omnivore. I’ve even tried boudin noir and liked it.

In the decade since, Paris has gotten into juicing, yoga-ing and vegan-ing. I credit veggie superstars like Ann Christine and Chloe Dunn of Veggie Magnifique for promoting health culture in this town. The beautiful expat duo literally glow as they offer advice, recipes, recommendations and sweet videos of everything from restaurant reviews to Chloe’s pregnancy diet (check out her gender-reveal vid). They also host vegan cooking workshops every few months, so keep an eye out for those.

I’m so pleased to introduce LES LOLOS readers to Ann and Chloe. Veggie Magnifique is a wonderful resource for anyone who’s interested in the veggie, vegan or just plain healthy lifestyle, especially here in France. To give a glimpse of what they know, Ann and Chloe generously shared their Top 10 healthy Paris hotspots, from vegan patisseries to the chiropractor you need to see!

#MyCarnet: Top 10 Healthy Paris Hotspots

1. Cloud Cakes

Since when do vegan doughnuts look like this?

This little gem of a café is perfectly placed in the heart of Montorgueil. We love heading there after a yoga session at Caelo Yoga, which is just around the corner. Everything Olivier and Aélita make at their cosy coffee shop is vegan, and ever so moreish. We particularly love their vegan croissants (yes – the vegan croissant is now a thing!), forêt noire cake, and tiramisu cupcake.

Cloud Cakes
6 Rue Mandar, 75002

2. 5 Lorette

The place to go for a colorful and beautifully balanced plate of nutritious and high-vibe food. The chef, Faical, is a veritable plate-artist and ever-smiling manager Rina will always make you feel welcome. We love the vegan burger, the raw crackers, and the raw chocolate cake.

5 Lorette
5 rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009

3. Caelo Yoga

A visit to the Montorgueil neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without dropping in for a class at Caelo. Specializing in the Jivamukti style, they also have vinyasa, yin, and prenatal classes. Some of our favourite teachers are Ben, Yun, Gemma, and Sharon and Jessa has amazing classes for kid yogis! We love the warm and welcoming owner, Jennifer. Her generous and loving spirit has been the catalyst to creating a whole community of friendly folk: You’ll go in for yoga and come out with a new tribe!

Caelo Yoga
55 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

4. Le Potager de Charlotte

Le Potager de Charlotte’s polenta with vegan cream cheese

Brothers David and Adrien are the dream team behind this appetizing and beautiful spot, plum in the middle of the trendy 9th arrondissement. Their stuffed avocado “façon oeufs-mayonnaise” is a revelation and the use of exotic spices and seasonings is an adventure for the palate.

Le Potager de Charlotte
12 Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009

5. Un Monde Vegan

A veritable mecca for Parisian vegans. It’s the only épicerie in Paris entirely devoted to vegan foods. They have an epic selection of vegan cheeses and replacement meats, for when lasagne and mac’n’cheese nostalgia hits. They also stock the gorgeous make-up line, Beauty Without Cruelty — we love their vegan and organic lipsticks.

Un Monde Vegan
64 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003

6. Dr. Anais Badon, D.C. at NaturaChiro

Adjustments with a view

Our list wouldn’t be complete without our go-to-gal for spinal alignment and feel-goodness. Her welcoming office, loving demeanor and laid-back vibes make you feel all warm and fuzzy, in addition to pain-free. Want to sleep better? Chiropractic. Improve digestion? Chiropractic. Or, as we say here “Chiropraxie.

Dr. Anais Badon, D.C. at NaturaChiro
18 rue du Pont Neuf, 75001

7. Patisserie Tomo

Random, we know, but the best place to get a vegan hot chocolate is at this new Japanese pancake joint in the heart of the Sainte Anne district. Last time we had their cup of cocoa, they made it with spelt milk. Arigato, seriously.  Of course, also of note are their little rice-flower wagashi.  

Patisserie Tomo
11 rue Chabanais, 75002

8. Bubbolitas

We’re bubbly, we admit it, and in order to fuel our ebullient personalities, we drink bubble tea. Best place in Paris? Bubbolitas. They have oat milk and a million different flavors to choose from. Plus, it’s run by Argentineans so you can stock up on your yerbe mate.

17 rue Quincampoix, 75004

9. Le Petit Souk

Yes, let’s

The most adorable shop in Paris—for les enfants and for those of us who remain 100% young-at-heart (i.e. us.) If you’re throwing a party, looking to decorate a child’s room (or your own) or if you just need some golden polka dot straws for your green juice, this is the place.

Le Petit Souk
49 rue Montmartre, 75002

10. VG Pâtisserie

In case you need any more convincing that “going vegan” in Paris is actually a breeze… Bérénice Leconte just opened VG Pâtisserie. This pioneering 20-something makes classic, French pâtisseries using no animal products. None. Of course you might turn into a ravenous beast when you see your long lost Saint-Honoré… Just a warning.

VG Pâtisserie
123 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011

 If there are any amazing health spots we missed, let us know! Join us here or on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. And sign up for our newsletter for all the insider news you need from Paris.


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