Summer Style Must: The Bodysuit


I was at Zara today and after negotiating with the attendant to try on 10 items (the limit being 6—yes, I’m one of those horrible women who hog dressing rooms), I came to a few conclusions:

  1. There is such a thing as age/body-appropriate dressing
  2. Exhibit A: Off-the-shoulder, cropped floral tops do not look good on mothers-of-two in their forties who aren’t J.Lo (AKA me)
  3. Exhibit B: Neither do rompers with belly cutouts (WHAT WAS I THINKING?)
  4. Exhibit C: Put down the horizontal-striped knit tube top (FFS, woman!)
  5. If all else fails, buy shoes

Though I like to think I (still, ever?) looked like this…


The Zara mirrors clearly had some sobering truths to tell me.


However, that gorgeous woman (model and blogger Nada Adellè) and I have something in common besides those sunglasses and our penchant for camel toe…

We both love bodysuits!

I’ve dedicated an entire drawer to a set of bodysuits that I can rotate throughout the spring and summer—and the various stages of belly: ramen belly, taco belly, pizza belly, etc. I’m a pretty lazy dresser, so the simplicity, versatility and Spanx-like properties of a bodysuit make this the ideal garment for me. And my belly.

Zara and Reformation have the strongest bodysuit game right now. Here are a few of my favorites:


The lace-up that launched a thousand bloggers’ most-liked IG photos. Avalon by Reformation, $78.


Go-with-everything black bodysuits by Zara, €13-15.


Love the color, the low-cut front and the off-duty ballerina vibe. Bella by Reformation, $78.


My photo-op bodysuit by Zara, €30. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve worn this to at least three events so far.

What’s not to love about a bodysuit? (Maybe that bit about the Kardashians starting the trend, but if anyone knows about holding in the jiggly bits, it’s the Kardashians.)

Frankly, I consider it my superhero costume… so suit up, ladies!

Images via Nada Adellè, Reformation, Zara, Canal+

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