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Lazy-Ass Beauty Hack #1

Being Korean and old AF (okay, oldish AF), I’m the lackadaisical Ponce de Leon of skincare secrets—until I get my thread lift, Y-lift or whatever it is the WHIPs are doing these days (what up, Brigitte Macron?)

I just learned about this particular trick. It’s been around for a few months, but like I said, lackadaisical. It’s called the 7 Skin Method and my beauty-obsessed Korean peeps invented it, of course. And it perfectly suits my lazy-ass beauty aesthetic.

Instead of the classic Korean 10-step skincare routine, this is about layering on one product—your toner or essence—seven times.


Layering on a light product several times ups skin’s hydration and allows you to forgo a few of the other 9 steps, saving you some time and money. Can you get more lazy-ass than one product?

How to do it?

After cleansing, apply toner while your skin is a little damp. This first time you can use a cotton pad. The next six times, you’re better off putting a small amount in your hands and patting it directly onto your skin. Make sure skin isn’t fully dry each time you reapply. I do some face massage like my mom’s been telling me to do for the past decade. Lady doesn’t have wrinkles so… After the seventh time, follow with your serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and/or BB cream (during the day). At night, you can add a sheet mask to the routine or use your heavy night cream.

Does it work?

Heck yeah! I’ve done this every time I’ve cleansed over the past couple weeks and my skin is definitely plumper and dewier. Anything to avoid the wind tunnel look for as long as humanly possible.

Any caveats?

Don’t use a toner or essence with alcohol, which can dry your skin. I use Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence but try with your favorite.

If seven times seems like overkill, start with three or four layers then work your way up to seven and see how your skin responds. Mine’s like, seven is heaven, especially as Paris weather has already gotten cold and miserable.

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