Paris Women React To The November Attacks


We are bruised. But we go on. Children have to return to school. Metros have to be ridden. Sirens crisscross Paris and we wonder, is it just an accident or something more sinister?

For ex-New Yorkers like Tamara and me, we’ve been through this before. September 11th marked us Americans, just like November 13th will mark the French. It’s not a mark any individual or nation wants to carry.

Here at Les Lolos, we know that one voice, or even one thousand, will not be enough to express the enormity of our feeling, but we want to create a space where the women and mothers of Paris can speak. Too often, women are ignored when it comes to politics and war. We all know females only care about their Pinterest boards and what Gwyneth would do.

Fuck that. If anyone should be heard, it’s the part of the population that mostly doesn’t wage war or view the loss of innocent lives as a justifiable means to an end.

Several brave and generous women — French and expat alike — shared their candid thoughts with us following the attacks. If you’d like to add your own story, email it to: or post it to the comments below.

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