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  1. Catherine Mori on

    Hah, hah! I came across your wonderful blog while researching the word mecspliquer. I’m a Scot who became a Canadian, my husband’s third-generation Japanese-Canadian and one of our sons married a Vietnamese refugee. So, what a mixed up family with our grand-girls!

    I think the French in question are just ignorant. We love visiting France, I have numerous French friends etc. but the race sensitivity in Vancouver is quite different. How to explain to a country that isn’t heavily immigrant in population? I live in Richmond, right next to Vancouver. A shocking 62% of us are immigrants in this city! Mostly ethnic Chinese.. Europeans find this hard to understand. In fact more than 20% of Canadians are immigrants. When the place is predominantly one “culture”, one “race”, it’s difficult to promote multiculturalism. Of course, Canada is also officially bilingual and recognizes many indigenous languages, too, particularly in the North.

    Sorry for the slightly unfocused ramble! 🙂

    • Thanks for being here, Catherine, and for commenting! Canada really seems like Utopia these days, especially to us Americans 😀 Sensitivity to race is definitely lacking here but of course that doesn’t mean there’s more racism here than in the US, for example. I feel bad for the French who seem to think I believe otherwise. Again, thanks for commenting and please visit again. X

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