Glacial 51 @ Arctic Room


It’s been the kind of hot in Paris that’s recorded in the history books so the next time it reaches almost 40 degrees, everyone can say, “Still not as bad as Summer 2015!”

Those kind of bragging rights (along with the sweaty horror of our A/C-less French apartments) deserve a chill drink. Pernod’s newest aperitif, Glacial 51, is an icy update on the original Pastis 51. It has the same anise flavor with an additional minty kick. Serve it on the rocks and visualize yourself in an igloo.

Better yet, head over to the Arctic Room, a popup bar tucked away on the terrace of the Jardins du Marais hotel. Until September 30, you can brave their itty bitty ice bar (thermal coats and moonboots provided for the -10C atmosphere) and enjoy a Glacial 51 for a cool 5 euros. There’s also a pétanque pitch with beachy lounge chairs in the courtyard and anise-worthy tapas (dubbed Pastistas) by a former Masterchef contestant. Thursday nights get even chiller with guest DJs.

Image by Émilie of Plus Une Miette Dans L’Assiette


Serving Size: One cocktail



  • 2 cl Glacial 51
  • plenty of ice
  • cold water


  1. Pour 2 cl Glacial 51 into a large glass
  2. Fill it with plenty of ice
  3. Top with ice cold water


LES LOLOS Tip: Order your cocktail at the inside hotel bar before going out to the ice bar and courtyard. And go with a group. This popup is so on the DL that it’s practically a private party.


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