Cocktail Of The Month: Stiggin’s Fancy Daiquiri @ Red House


Happy November, everyone! Later this month, we Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. We’ll sit around the turkey and contemplate what we’re thankful for, but #gratitude shouldn’t be confined to one day or one nationality. I once heard one way to be happier is to list ten things you’re grateful for, every day, as soon as you wake up.

I’m not as disciplined or organized as I’d like to be, so this doesn’t happen all the time. But my attempts at daily gratitude did leave me with a lesson on the importance of being thankful for the small things as well as the big. So let’s be thankful for the health and wellbeing of family and loved ones, but let’s not forget to appreciate the little joys in life, too.

This year, I’m grateful for amazing and supportive friends; for my right to vote in the US elections via absentee ballot; for my fabulous family and the technology that makes it possible to stay close to them even though I live far away.

I’m also thankful for good cocktails, fun bars and tasty food!

This Red House cocktail brings it all together for me. Red House is where I often go with American friends to celebrate the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and other US festivities. The cocktails are great, the vibe is fun and the people are awesome. My original Red House crew feels like my Paris family now.

So thanks, Red House, for giving me a little hit of home when I need it—and for sharing your Stiggin’s Fancy Daiquiri with LES LOLOS!

CotM: Stiggin’s Fancy Daiquiri @ Red House

Serving Size: One Cocktail

CotM: Stiggin’s Fancy Daiquiri @ Red House


  • 45cl Stiggin’s Fancy Plantation Pineapple Rum
  • 20cl Honey syrup (1 part honey/1 part water)
  • 20cl Fresh lime juice


  1. Shake & strain into a coupe.
  2. Add 25cl Christian Drouin Cider.
  3. Garnish with dried pineapple slice dusted with cinnamon.


Red House

1 Bis rue de la Forge Royale, 75011

LES LOLOS Tip: Every year, Red House does one of the city’s best “everyone’s invited!” Thanksgiving dinners. Bring a dish to contribute to the table or throw some cash into the dinner kitty. Follow their Facebook page for details.


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