Editor’s Letter: Happy Summer To You!



Summer has finally arrived and I know I’m not the only Parisian in happy disbelief that the sun apparently does still exist.

In France, people view the start of summer holidays as the end of the year and they take advantage of those legendary three-to-five weeks off. This might be the first summer where I’m fully embracing the month-long R&R ethos. It’s been a busy, busy year for me and everyone I know and I am looking forward to unplugging a little. Though if you follow my Instagram, you know I have a new country house that I’m in the middle of renovating, so relaxing may be a relative term here. (Any renovation tips, especially for bathrooms, are very welcome. I will be posting before-and-afters—if and when the after ever happens!)

Otherwise, I’m taking the next six weeks to recharge, reflect and really get to work on my Paris novel. Why do we always put off our biggest dreams? Something I’ll be meditating on while I write “three hours a day/six days a week” per Nathan Englander.

I am also on the brink of taking up running again. I used to run in Central Park when I was much younger and fitter—and at the Jardin de Luxembourg when I was even younger than that. I hate it now. My skin itches, it’s hard to breathe and the overhyped runner’s high doesn’t seem worth the overall discomfort. But I know it’s good for my body and my brain. The parallels between novel-writing and long-distance running have long been established. And from past experience, nothing gets me fitter, faster than running. Something needs to counteract my champagne and chocolate addiction. My sister is an ultrarunner (which trust I will never be) but she hated running more than I did and now does 100+ miles in a few days. I agree, that’s nuts! Still, if she can do 100 miles, I can do 10, right?

In between my writing and running ambitions, LES LOLOS will be slowing down for the summer. All of our awesome contributors deserve a break! This is also a chance for the editor-in-chief (yeah, me) to start implementing the many new ideas I have, including my dream of an organized publishing schedule. Sadly, this is what EICs dream about…

There will be new stories but at a more leisurely, summer-loving pace. This week, we’ve got the most apropos article from our sleep expert, Bonne Nuit Baby’s Hadley Seward, on getting dem babies to sleep on vacation! Because it is NOT a holiday when mama and papa have to deal with cranky kids. Our family also took Hadley’s advice on going to Greece with our kids. So that’s where we’re headed for a couple of weeks.

Another dream: If you could give a vote for us for Best Expat Blog and Best Facebook Page for Paris over at Expatriates Magazine. It’s a vote for all the amazing, hardworking women who contribute to, participate in and are present for LES LOLOS. That includes you wonderful readers!

Merci beaucoup! Wishing you and yours the happiest summer!


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