France and Korea, So Happy Together


Am I the only one who’s noticed all the Korean happenings around town? Museum exhibits, theater shows, food festivals, story hours. As a Korean-American in Paris, I was surprised to see all the K-love wafting about town.

Until I found out it was France-Korea year!

Launched last September, L’Année France-Corée is a bilateral cultural exchange celebrating 130 years of diplomacy between the two countries. Until August, events promoting Korean art, theater, film, music, fashion, design, literature and food are taking place in Paris, Nantes, Lyon and Nice. From March until December, France will be celebrated in the Korean cities of Seoul, Busan, Daejeon and Daegu.

An official, high-brow schedule can be found on their site (only in French) but there seem to be plenty of other people and places fêting the Korean-French alliance. (I’m doing it every day in my marriage!) Que Faire Paris has a wonderful selection of events that are kid-appropriate.

We decided to celebrate by making this France-Korea Week at Les Lolos. I’m sharing #MyCarnet of Korean food in Paris because I love you so much. And for kimchi fans, we’ve got an exclusive on Hero’s kale kimchi recipe.

Meanwhile, here are some goings-on we’ve earmarked for the month of February, but there are so many to look forward to until the end of summer.

Intérior Coreen: The Works of In-Sook Son

The first time the work of this female artist is being shown outside of Korea. Her mastery of the traditionally feminine art of textiles, folding screens and elaborate fabric wrapping is resolutely modern.
Musée Nationale des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet
6, place d’Iéna, 75116
Until March 14

Im-Kwon Taek Retrospective

One of Korea’s most renowned and prolific directors (he’s made over 100 films), Im-Kwon Taek is considered one of the founding figures of the Korean New Wave cinema movement and is also a knight of the French Legion of Honor. La Cinématheque Française is showing several films of his almost daily.
La Cinématheque Française
51, rue de Bercy, 75012
Until February 29

Made in Korea

Four young Korean contemporary artists are being shown at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris next month while in November, four of their French counterparts will be showing their work at the Kyungbook Museum of Art in Daegu.
Cité Internationale des Arts Paris
18, rue de l’Hotel de Ville, 75004
February 19 to March 8

Pockemon Crew/Morning of Owl

This one isn’t happening in Paris, but it sounds so cool, we’re tempted to take a road trip. Two of the world’s best hip-hop crews (Pokemon Crew/French; Morning of Owl/Korean) are performing together in Lyon. (How far is that from Paris?)
Maison de la Danse
8, avenue Jean Mermoz, 69008 Lyon
February 3 to February 6

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