Your Top 5 Kid Sleep Q’s, Answered!


girlsleepingWe can’t tell you how excited we are to introduce LES LOLOS’ newest contributor, sleep expert Hadley Seward from Bonne Nuit Baby. Every parent knows the particular circle of hell that is your child’s sleep—or lack thereof. So we dare you (and your little one) to get more sleep this month by taking some of Hadley’s advice.

The cherry on top of this dare (Does that even make sense? We’re a little sleep-deprived ourselves):

Hadley is offering a two-week, €225 sleep overhaul package to one LES LOLOS reader!

It’s valued at €225 but we all know that a good night’s sleep is priceless. All the Giveaway details are right here!

In the meantime, Hadley tackles the Top 5 sleep questions from the LES LOLOS hive…

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About Author

Hadley Seward is a certified sleep consultant and American mama living in France. Meet her at Bonne Nuit Baby or follow her adventures at @_bonnenuitbaby.


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    • Yes! #2 was much easier to put on a schedule just b/c we started it early and stuck with it. Good luck and congratulations!!

  2. I need to try it urgently to set healthy habits to my baby and if I want to sleep a few hours together ever again! Thanks for posting it!

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