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WIN A €225 Sleep Overhaul Package!

WIN A €225 Sleep Overhaul Package!


pinkbabyfullIs your little one keeping you up nights? Are you somewhere between delirium and hysteria due to lack of sleep? Does nighttime—and the fact that you’ll be awake for some or most of it—fill you with dread?


So our sleep expert, Hadley Seward of Bonne Nuit Baby, is offering a comprehensive 2-Week Sleep Overhaul Package to one lucky LES LOLOS reader and their sleepless 4-month to 3-year-old!

It includes an in-depth consultation, a customized sleep plan and plenty of support throughout the process.

UPDATE: The winner is Sasha Romary!

Meanwhile, get some sound sleep advice from Hadley as she answers your toughest kid sleep problems.


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Maggie Kim

Maggie Kim is a writer, musician and the founder of LES LOLOS.


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    Amy Liu Trinh on

    Please enter me in the contest! I am signed up for Hadley’s newsletter as well. Thanks! Amy

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  4. Avatar

    Hey there! This giveaway speaks to me more than I would like it to — aka I haven’t had a full night of sleep in close to five months. I’m signed up to all newsletters. Count me in Maggie 🙂

    • Maggie Kim

      Zeva, we’ll be picking the winner this week! I really hope you win!!! God, do I feel you about the not sleeping. You have all my sympathies/empathies!

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