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Korean skincare is the biggest beauty news of the past few years. Unless you live in France, where there’s barely been a peep about it.

Why all the fuss? Korean women are fanatical about taking care of their skin and demand high-quality products that don’t cost a fortune, especially since their skincare routines can include up to 15 steps! (Yes, we are all slackers compared to South Koreans. And I’m South Korean.)

Competition is fierce among beauty companies, so serious money is spent on research and development. Beauty experts say Korea is twelve years ahead of the United States in terms of technology. Google “Korean skincare” and you’ll see that once people go Korean with their beauty regimes, they — and their flawless skin — don’t look back.

Les Lolos is thrilled to have Korean skincare expert Charlotte Cho give us a crash course on the subject. She’s the lovely genius (with incredible skin, natch) behind Soko Glam, a gorgeously curated shop with the absolute best in Korean beauty. Charlotte goes to Korea and tests every product herself before bringing it back to her store. Et oui, she delivers to France.

Here, she tells us how to transition to a fall skincare routine. Even more exciting: Charlotte is offering lucky Les Lolos readers 15% off their entire order at Soko Glam with the code: LesLolos15

It’s good until October 10, so hurry! (Especially since I’ll be buying out the entire store…)

— Maggie

When I moved to Seoul, I experienced my first real autumn. Born and raised in southern California, I was excited to finally be able to wear fluffy scarves, boots and fashionable coats. But along with the new wardrobe came some unwanted changes: My skin became incredibly dry and dull. It had that tight feeling like your face might crack into a thousand pieces if you smile too hard.

Fortunately, I was in Seoul — land of infinite skin care products and home of the multi-step skincare routine. Because Korean women are used to extreme climate changes, they’re pros at adapting to fickle weather conditions. Skincare routines and products change each season, just like their clothes.

After years in Seoul and now a pro myself at navigating all four seasons, I’ve narrowed down the most important fall beauty essentials for gorgeous, glowing skin.


About Author

Charlotte Cho is the board-certified esthetician behind Soko Glam. Featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Allure, Elle, Marie Claire, Into the Gloss, Refinery29 and more, she is also the author of the book, The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin .


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