Ask A Frenchwoman: Is Cheating Not A Big Deal?


One of the biggest frustrations with starting over in a new country is the cultural cluelessness. Oh, we’re supposed to say “Bonjour” every time we walk through a door anywhere? Sure, flirt with our husbands right in front of our faces. Please, kiss us (twice!), slobbery man we’ve just been introduced to. It’s easy to feel stupid simply because we didn’t grow up here.

If only we had a French girlfriend who could tell us how things really are. But as we (expats) all know, French girlfriends are hard to come by—for yet another reason we can’t quite figure out.

Luckily, we met an amazing Frenchwoman who’s ready to reveal all to Les Lolos. Alexandra is a born-and-raised Parisienne, fluent in English and international life after several years as an expat herself in London and Hong Kong.

We’re inaugurating Ask A Frenchwoman with a seriously sexy question. And here’s Alex to answer…

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About Author

Alexandra Guitelmann is a married Parisienne with three kids. She is a maman bear who loves taking care of her babes but is also an event manager for only the chicest clients and events in Paris.


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