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image-e1443642349560Pascal was so generous, he gave us an all-access pass to his show. We got to peek behind-the-scenes and, like Pascal, things were surprisingly calm just two hours before showtime. It was held in the beautiful Palais des Beaux Arts, a 19th-century building devoted to the students of les Beaux Arts and their work. Graffiti mixed with frescoes on the walls while models, makeup artists and hair stylists got ready.

Things we noted:

  1. The models are sooo young! Pre-hair and makeup, most of them looked like fresh-faced highschoolers, albeit very tall ones.
  2. The coffee profiteroles backstage were amazing.
  3. While the clothes are lovely on the rack, nothing compares to seeing an outfit on a beautiful girl and noticing how the fabric looks and moves. This is where you could really recognize Pascal’s haute couture expertise.
  4. It’s over so fast! Pascal said before the show, “I imagine it’s a little like giving birth. You’re preparing and agonizing and then suddenly it’s all over… until next season!”
  5. Who are all these photographers hanging in packs outside the shows? Once one starts taking pictures, the rest follow. It’s mad and makes you wonder, where do all these photographs go?

To know more about Pascal and what his inspirations were this season, read our interview with him.

Backstage photos by Maggie Kim and Diego Bunuel


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