The Watercooler: What’s A Vajacial?


Just because we’re #bossladies who work from home doesn’t mean we don’t do office life. Tamara and I try for at least one face-to-face meeting a week to go over all the moving parts of a digital magazine in its nascent stage. Recently, we were looking at Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter when a story about a vajacial just had to be clicked.

Tam: Stop everything. I’m reading this.

Mags: Hmmm… it’s a little tl;dr for me.

Tam: Oh, so it’s basically what it sounds like, a facial for your vagina. That’s not so weird. They put on a mask and toner, tweeze ingrown hairs. Maybe I should try this!

Mags: What, for ingrown hairs? Didn’t you laser?

Tam: Not enough, so now it’s a little patchy and I still have to wax.

Mags: Lasering my bikini line was the best thing ever.

Tam: I would put a mask on down there, if it keeps it looking good.

Mags: I hate that area where your leg meets your crotch. It’s all creased and wrinkled.

Tam: Like chicken skin!

Mags: Should I try my Korean skincare on it? Slap on some serum and see what happens? There should be a special sheet mask for your kitty. Speaking of, we’ve still got to work on the story about hoo-ha therapy in France.

Tam: The Reeducation of My Vagina.

Mags: That Time the French Government Bought Me Lube.

Tam: Private School for My Private Parts.

Mags: And we have find out, once and for all, if social security pays for a tummy tuck after the third baby.

(In Unison): Ask A Frenchwoman!


Our watercooler is a Brita pitcher. What’s yours?


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