Happy New Year Giveaway: It’s Cacharel, Baby!


Hey, Maggie here, your beloved, DGAF editor-in-chief. I am fully taking the blame for not posting this final, gorgeous giveaway during our 5-Week Holiday Giveaway. I was in Mauritius and frankly, everyone else seemed busy with their holidays, too. Who has time to enter a giveaway for a beautiful Cacharel blouse? Oh, you do? My bad.

But what better way to kick off 2017 than with a chic new piece of designer clothing? Cacharel is one of those iconic French brands—you must have had a bottle of Anais Anais or Lou Lou perfume as a francophile teen, non? About 20% of my closet is Cacharel for when I want to look like a real Parisienne.

So… this blouse from the Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection is up for grabs! It’s cream silk with a watercolor-ish print. It’s a size 36 with a roomier cut so could fit a small 38. The blouse retails for around €250 and could be yours right now (er, next week).

You know the rules:

  1. If you already signed up for the newsletter and/or left a comment since the 5-Week Holiday Giveaway began, you’re entered for all the giveaways!
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  3. For more chances to win, just follow us and leave comments on the corresponding Instagram and Facebook posts. You get up to 3 entries per Holiday Giveaway each week. This contest is open to the world. Fineprint rules here.

Good luck! Bonne chance! Winner chosen next Tuesday, January 10th.

If you’re dying to get your hands on some Cacharel immediately (and why wouldn’t you?), here’s a list of all the stores that carry them. Bon shopping!


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  1. Oh, my – SO needing a little Cacharel, and not the little bikinis we used to get at the sample sale ! LOVE the blouses… Happy New Year, gorgeous one! XOXO

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